At the heart of watchmaking for 25 years

Measurements of very high precision of very small parts
Watchmaking Industry
More than 2 decades of experience serving the watch industry
Today, Qualimatest continues to innovate by producing equipment for a large number of watch customers.

Qualimatest has developed extensive experience in the world of watchmaking and its particularities. It is thus possible to meet the specific needs of this industry by delivering standard products developed for watchmaking or by a customized solution.


The strengths of a collaboration with QMT
  • A very good knowledge of watchmaking specificities
  • Aesthetic control with QMTSubFace
  • The ability to measure parts with the precision required by watchmaking
  • The proximity of our development team to customers
  • The ability to customize products (FFY) to meet the specificities of each customer
From SMEs to multinationals in various industries more than 100 customers have trusted qmt
Control devices
Measurement and control at the edge of lines and in laboratories