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Expert in automated quality control solutions


A recognized success
Leader in automated quality control solutions
Three decades at the service of its customers

Since the founding of Qualimatest in 1989, hundreds of systems have been developed, installed and maintained around the world for a renowned clientele in the watch, medical, automotive and rail industries.

At the heart of this company, a dynamic and multidisciplinary team, driven by creativity and welded around strong corporate values. Qualimatest listens to its customers and provides a la carte service, from simple personalized advice to a turnkey solution.

Supported by expert partners, Qualimatest designs, develops, validates and industrializes innovative and efficient solutions.


What are the applications

There are several types of quality control: optical control, acoustic control, vibration control or X-ray control. In the case of the first city, it involves taking one or more images of the object to be controlled. or view. The images are then digitized to be usable by an image processing software, most often dedicated to the control considered. Once the image has been processed, a decision is made with respect to predefined criteria and an action is taken (eg elimination of the part).

Services and innovations for more than 25 years

At the time of the factory of the future and the connected industry, the automated quality control systems take a place more and more important in the industrial ecosystem. In the objective of quality and operational excellence, these equipment dedicated to the identification of defects induce cost reductions and greatly reduce the difficulty.

It is for having contributed to major advances in this field that Qualimatest is today receiving the innovation prize. SME based in Plan-les-Ouates (Geneva), Qualimatest has developed in collaboration with EPFL platform QMTSubFace, the first system to maintain human criteria in the aspect control, an asset particularly appreciated in the watch industry ( satin, polishing, ...).

An organization certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485

Qualimatest certified its organization according to ISO 9001 in 2011 ( certificate ). In addition, for projects in the medical industry, Qualimatest has been ISO 13485 certified since 2014 ( certificate ).

A company of QMT Group

Founded in 2014, QMT Group brings together more than 40 experts in signal acquisition and processing for measurement, testing and automated quality control. SAPHIR (www.saphir.fr), Qualimatest's sister company, is an expert in signal acquisition and processing for embedded systems, test benches and supervision, especially in the acoustic and vibratory fields.

Qualimatest in a few figures

Qualimatest is:

  • 2 locations in Plan-les-Ouates (Switzerland) and Barraux (France)
  • 21 employees
  • An infrastructure of 750m ^ 2 with offices, R & D and production
  • CHF 7 million turnover
Modern and efficient infrastructure

We are located in Plan-les-Ouates with a surface of 750m ^ 2. This surface is divided into offices

on the surface of development, assembly and production

in R & D space

and in customer area



Qualimatest serves its customers with more than 25 years of success

In 1991, she applied LabVIEW to develop her own facilities and developed Multimicro, a motorized image analyzer with automatic microhardness measurement.

Our history


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Vahid Fakhfouri, Ph.D.
technical director
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