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A dynamic team

I am proud of the Qualimatest team. My technical colleagues are specialized or multidisciplinary in applications revolving around optics, micromechanics, electronics, industrial automation and software development. Project Managers and sales bring complementary know-how to ensure the success of projects and the company. Of course, I do not forget the General Services team, which guarantees the smooth running of the company on a daily basis.

The management team works as a team to steer the company and initiate the necessary improvements so that Qualimatest is always at the forefront to serve its customers.

We are all qualified and experienced in team performance. We combine our complementarity and our experience to develop projects that are often complex and large in size.

Ivan Meissner
General manager


{{Email: meissner@qualimatest.ch}}
Ivan Meissner
General manager
Laurent Brulport
commercial director
Vahid Fakhfouri, Ph.D.
technical director
Rosine Marigny
operational director
general services & sales


Natacha Bondaz
Administration Manager
Nicolas Bouchet
Commercial Technico
Michele Iarocci
Resp. Quality & Validations
Project management


Marie-Laure Breuil
Project Manager
Francois Duret
Project Manager
Jenny Monbaron
assistant and logistics manager
Technical service


Brice Bartholomew
developer vision
Alexandre Castro
Senior Software Developer
Antoine Châlons
Senior Software Developer
Chrisitan Coulme
Senior Software Developer
François Dauron
Expert Vision
Philippe Deglon
electronic expert
Claude Detained
Expert Vision
Arnau Rollin
Software Developer
Fabrice Seyve
Expert Vision
Jacky Vallon
Vision Specialist
Innovation at Qualimatest

Qualimatest innovates for more than 25 years in automated quality control