Tailor-made solutions

The Made For You (M4U) program for solutions according to specifications
Made For You Program (qmtm4u)
Customized systems
The development of a tailor-made system

qmt is always attentive to the needs of the customer. We respond to this by favoring the delivery of a product or its personalization while retaining the possibility of achieving a tailor-made solution if necessary.

qmt is a solution provider, we are committed to results. To meet the needs of our customers, qmt offers 6 ranges of products which are implemented with 4 delivery programs. One of these programs is the realization of custom mtm4u systems which allows the creation of the system that meets the needs perfectly even if qmt does not have a product for the type of application sought.

Fit For You (F4U)
some products

some products

F4U program
Solution on

Solution according to notebook

M4U program
OEM program

Custom product
industrialized by QMT

OEM program
Qmt Creations
Four product lines

Qmt software for intuitiveness and performance

Automated control integrated into a customer process

Autonomous equipment for automatic quality control

Automated machines for 100% quality control

Example of custom equipment
A testing device for the medical industry
qmt supported its client in setting up an automated quality control for a woven component at the end of production. High added value and innovative products must be 100% checked at the end of production to ensure that they are free from defects. The control device has been developed in accordance with the ISO1385 medical standard including all the validation phases which have been managed by qmt.
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Software development with acquisition, processing and control

Design, assembly and development of mechanisms

Design of analog and digital electronics

Calculation, definition and realization of optical systems