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Remote maintenance

Qualimatest offers after-sales service via remote maintenance. This page contains all the information and software for this remote maintenance.

Before downloading TeamViewer:

Before launching or downloading the remote maintenance software, please consult the documentation and the safety information.

To access a PC from the internet

Simple to install and use

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Collaborative tools
Smart Cloud:
Connect to the QMT Collaborative Environment
For a better collaboration with our customers and partners.
IBM Smart Cloud:

In order to collaborate optimally with our customers and partners, we have set up powerful collaborative tools based on the IBM Smart Cloud platform.

We offer registration for this tool to implement the following features:
  • Web meeting screen
  • audio
  • Video sharing documents and screens
  • communities
Online meetings:

I propose the use of our collaborative tool to make an online meeting. you will receive an upcoming email invitation to become a member of our IBM Smart Cloud system.

The rules for setting the password are strict, please note:
  • at least eight characters
  • At least one non-alphabetic character
  • At least four alphabetic characters
  • Do not contain more than three identical characters
  • Do not be identical to one of the previous eight passwords
  • Must not contain first name, last name, or email address