Automatic control of watch lubrication
Control Station
of the lubrication process for SVM equipment

QMTLubControl is a vision station for high-resolution visualization and control of the lubrication process of SVM equipment. Optional options are the recording of the lubrication film to improve the control of the process as well as the automatic control by image processing of the smooth running of the process. These options allow improved control to ensure proper lubrication of movements.

The strengths of QMTLubControl:
  • High resolution and high speed visualization
  • The possibility to review the film of a lubrication already carried out (option)
  • Automatic process control by image processing (option)
Automated lubrication control

QMTLubControl-Expert allows automated control of the lubrication of watch components

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The technologies of QMTLubControl
Control of watch lubrication

The heart of the equipment is a digital image acquisition system

Automatic detection algorithm

Qualimatest has developed an algorithm specifically for this application in order to be able to automatically characterize the lubrication and thus detect parts with defects

High resolution digital cameras

Color cameras with a resolution of 1'300 x 1'000 pixels and an acquisition rate of 84 images / second

Custom Electronics

A custom electronic module allows the multiplexing of cameras and lighting (up to 8x).

Integrated informatics

IT is integrated to relieve image acquisition, display and processing

The applications of QMTLubControl
Control of watch lubrication
Lubrication of cogs with Triax from SVM

QMTLubControl is adapted to the SVM Triax robot both in its standalone version and in its integrated version in an automatic line

Lubricating shock absorbers on SVM Incalub

QMTLubControl is adapted to the SVM Incalub for shock control

The software options of QMTLubControl
Several possible options depending on the level of automation sought
QMTLubControl-Base Software

Basic version of the software that allows the continuous display of the process in color and at high resolution

QMTLubControl-Pro Software

This version allows, in addition to the basic functionalities, the automatic recording of the film of all the lubrication points. It is thus possible to visualize the process afterwards to check that it is running smoothly.

QMTLubControl-Expert Software

This option allows automatic control of the lubrication process. An algorithm specifically developed by Qualimatest allows a robust control even with the variable appearance of stones

Fit for you program (FFY)
Adapting a product according to your specific need
Customizing a product

Qualimatest products can be customized from both an equipment and software point of view. The first level of software customization is the addition of additional features (available under QMTStore) or the development of a custom function

OEM Program

On the basis of Qualimatest products, it is proposed the realization of product labeled on behalf of our customers who can be private or marketed by themselves

“More than 100 systems are produced each year for a large clientele”
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QMTLubControl Specifications
The control of watch lubrication
functions QMTLubControl Base QMTLubControl-Pro QMTLubControl-Expert
Optical system 1'280 x 1'024 pixels and 75 images / sec, FOV 4.3 x 3.3mm
Number of stations 1 to 8 cameras 1 to 8 cameras 1 to 8 cameras
Lighting control Power supply and lighting control (maximum 8)
Visualization and display 17 "continuous process display
Communication with machine Communication and synchronization between the control system and the machine
Backup and subsequent visualization - Automatic backup of the process.
Possibility of visualizing the previous oilings
Automatic control - - Automatic control of smooth operation during the process
Hardware Compact computer system integrated into the machine High power computer system
QMTMesure software functions
All solutions are based on unique software functions

For optical control

To increase production yields
and the quality of the parts

For aesthetic control

For acoustic and vibration control

qmtcheck test and quality control stations
Integration into our customers' machines to automate testing and control
Qmt Creations
Four product lines

Qmt software for intuitiveness and performance

Automated control integrated into a customer process

Autonomous equipment for automatic quality control

Automated machines for 100% quality control