Optical selector of parts in automatic power supplies
Optical selector of parts in automatic power supplies

Automation of the assemblies imposes an automatic feeding of the components guaranteeing their orientation. The use of mechanical or pneumatic systems for this selection may be impossible or very difficult depending on the morphology, size or range of components to be selected. The product QMTSelect allows the automatic selection without contact of all the types of components, it can be realized directly in the supply or on a specific station.

QMTSelect is a product based on the QMT Vision Inspector platform. The high level of performance allows the realization of a self trigger by the automatic detection of the presence of the component in order to eliminate the detection cell and guarantee the ease of integration. The lens and lighting are defined by specialists to ensure operation on all types of components.


The strengths of QMTSelect:
  • Versatile and scalable: selection of all types of components, especially small ones such as watch components.
  • Autonomous: no trigger sensor required, complete and independent system
  • Ease of implementation: pre-programming for selection applications.
  • Asycube compatibility: The control functions of the Asycube are integrated into QMTSelect.
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