Automatic In Mold Labeling (IML) Process Control Station
The quality control system and sorting of packaging manufactured by IML

In the manufacture of IML (In-Mold Labeling) packaging, defects such as offsets of the label position may occur. When it is necessary to guarantee that only compliant parts are delivered to the end customer, an automatic control of all the parts produced is essential.

QUALIMATEST offers QMTSort optical control systems, the specific version QMTSort-IML has been developed for the control of packaging produced by IML. This controls the presence, position, and integrity of the label on the outside of both lids and jars. The products are controlled at the output of the injection machine with a cycle time of less than one second.

The QMTSort-IML control system is integrated into the unloading robot of the injection machine in order to allow a 100% control and a high level of reactivity to possibly adapt the process in case of drift. It is suitable for multi cavity machines for lids and pots of any size.

The QMTSort-IML system is based on the QMT Vision Inspector platform. The easy-to-use user interface allows easy and comprehensible parameter setting of the system and product variants.

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QMTSort-IML Specifications
Automatic control of the IML process
functions covers pots Pots-Hisp
Entries exits 1xN 2 × N 1xN 2 × N 2 × N
Number of cameras 1 2 4 8 8
Cycle time in ms 450 900 900 1800 900
Movement speed of the robot in m / s <3
Dimensions of packaging - -
Distance between cavities in mm 150 to 200 -
Pixel camera resolution 640x480
Lights 2 LED lines 370x500x80mm LED panel 750x560x60mm
Distance between lighting and packaging in mm 180 30
Sensitivity of detection of the position of the label in mm Surface observed of: 160x120 mm ± 0.8
200x150 mm 1.0 ±
240x180 mm ± 1.2
Sensitivity of detection of the position of the label in mm Surface observed of: 160x120 mm 4
200x150 mm 5
240x180 mm 6
Remote maintenance Yes
Communication protocol
Digital lines 24 VDC (IN / OUT)
Logging images Yes
Parameter management with backup Yes
Intuitive multi language user interface Yes (editable)
Reference Management Yes
Security management Yes
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