Control of rotating watchmobiles
Equipment for measuring beats

During the measurement, the values are displayed instantly in the graph according to the progress. After several wheel cycles (defined time), the results are displayed and indicate whether the measured part is compliant or non-compliant (OK / KO). Batch management, report editing and interfacing with statistical software allow for optimal integration of the equipment into a quality process. The QMTWheeltest-Vision can also be customized with the "Fit For You" program.

The strengths of QMTWheeltest-Vision:
  • Dynamic measurement with high precision beats
  • Built-in binocular for easy component handling
  • Five interchangeable Wheeltest drives ensure rotational speed for optimal metrological performance
Fit For You (F4U)
some products

some products

F4U program
Solution on

Solution according to notebook

M4U program
OEM program

Custom product
industrialized by QMT

OEM program
The technologies of QMTWheeltest-Vision
Non-contact optical measurement coupled to VOH's Wheeltest drive systems

The optical assembly is digital, it allows the acquisition of the image flow with a high resolution and a high speed. The lens is telecentric to ensure optimum optical accuracy.

Telecentric lens

This optical technology allows the removal of optical defects from
magnification, errors of perspective and distortion.

High resolution digital camera

1.3 MPixels camera (1'300 x 1'000 pixels) at 30 frames / second

LED diascopic lighting

This light only allows you to view and measure the outline of the room.

Training components with VOH's five Wheeltest

Rotation of the workpiece for dynamic measurement. With the 5 positions, all the components can be controlled: mobile, boards, gables, ...

The applications of QMTWheeltest-Vision
Measurement of beats and shifts
Pendulum Mobiles, Mobile Exhaust, Mobile Timer, Chrono Wheel, ...

The QMTWheeltest-Vision with Wheeltest 1, 3 or 5 positions allows the component to rotate with a constant speed. The optical system can thus make the dynamic measurement to calculate the axial and radial beats as well as possible splits. The Wheeltest 5 offers a clearance at the ends of the pivots in order to be able to measure on these areas.


The QMTWheeltest-Vision with the Wheeltest 2 or 4 positions allows the rotation of the board with a constant speed. The optical system can thus make the dynamic measurement to calculate the axial and radial beats.

GPS measurements (location)

The software allows the measurement of toleranced components in GPS.

QMTWheeltest-Vision Software
Software dedicated to the measurement of beats and sharing

The software has been completely developed by Qualimatest. It has an intuitive user interface and measures all features automatically.

Fit for you program (F4Y)
Adapting a product according to your specific need
Customizing a product

Qualimatest products can be customized from both an equipment and software point of view. The first level of software customization is the addition of additional functions ( full list of functions ) or the development of a custom function. It is also possible to customize the equipment for example by changing the field of vision or by adding an incident light.

OEM Program

On the basis of Qualimatest products, it is proposed the realization of product labeled on behalf of our customers who can be private or marketed by themselves

“More than 100 systems are produced each year for a large clientele”
List of References
Wheeltest 1
Belt drive of components held by pivots
Belt controlled workpiece system with "V" adjustable ruby positioning in X and Z. Suitable for assembled components, typically mobile
  • 2 parallel bits in ruby with 1 notch in "Vé", prof. 0.9 mm, 90 ° angle, ep. 0.6 mm
  • Adjustment of the jaw spacing with a 0.25 mm pitch μ-metric screw with return springs
  • Adjusting the height of the movable jaw by screw and return spring
  • Speed setting from 9 - 22.3mm / sec (0.5 to 2.3mm / sec with reduced speed option)
Wheeltest 2
Finger drive of components held between spikes
Part-to-center workout system. Typical position for boards with arms
  • Brooches with 60 ° ruby tip, adaptation of Azurea pins and hollow pins
  • Training of the workpiece by rod, with hold between the arms of the board
  • Mobile drive speed by spindle 8.9 - 17.8 rpm
Wheeltest 4
Conical pin drive
The piece to be measured is driven by friction between its bore and a conical pin coupled to a motor. Typical position for boards without arms
  • Conical pin (15 °) of rotation (dia.4mm) and support pin (bore dia 2mm)
  • Adjustment of the control position of parts to be measured by mechanical stop
  • Mobile drive speed via spindle 16.2 - 32.5 rpm (1.5 - 3 rpm with reduced speed option)
Wheeltest 5
Belt drive of components held by pivots
Belt-controlled workout system with "V" ruby positioning adjustable in X and Z. A clearance after the stones allows the measurement of long pieces. Posage adapted to the assembled components, typically the mobiles but also the winding rods
  • 2 parallel bits in ruby with 1 notch in "Vé", prof. 0.9 mm, 90 ° angle, ep. 0.6 mm
  • Adjustment of the jaw spacing with a 0.25 mm pitch μ-metric screw with return springs
  • Adjusting the height of the movable jaw by screw and return spring
  • Adjustment speed from 3.9 - 22.3mm / sec (0.4 to 2.2mm / sec with reduced speed option)

The Wheeltest-Vision is now a QMT product

Qualimatest bought the product Wheeltest-Vision at VOH. The product is now marketed, developed and maintained by QMT.

More information
QMTWheeltest-Vision Specifications
Beat measurement
functions QMTWheeltest-Vision QMTWheeltest-Vision-F4Y
Fields of view [mm] 9.1 x 6.8 According to specifications
Precision [μm] 2 According to specifications
Time for a measurement <5 seconds (single pieces) According to specifications
Binocular When setting up the component According to specifications
Lighting Diascopic and episcopic (setting up the component) According to specifications
Measurement software QMTWheeltest-Vision According to specifications
Focus (z axis) manual According to specifications
Component training VOH Wheeltest 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 training systems (optional) According to specifications
data processing External PC in Windows 10 According to specifications
Dimensions (H x W x D) [mm]
(without computer)
420 x 330 x 335 According to specifications
Item code AQMTG00500000-01 -
QMTMesure software functions
All solutions are based on unique software functions

For optical control

To increase production yields
and the quality of the parts

For aesthetic control

For acoustic and vibration control

Control devices
Measurement and control at the edge of lines and in laboratories
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