Quality control of medical pipettes

Dimensional and appearance controls at very high speed
Medical industry
The quality control system and sorting of medical pipette tips
A qmt control station

Pipettes are used in the medical industry to carry out dosages of small volumes. To guarantee the accuracy of this assay, the pipette tips must have a perfect geometry and surface finish. The production process by plastic injection of pipette tips does not allow 100% quality control. A 100% automatic control is therefore necessary.

Pipette measuring station for Zubler

qmt has developed and industrialized, as part of its OEM program, the QMTsort-Tip station for 100% quality control of medical pipettes. To guarantee the accuracy of this assay, the pipette tips must have a perfect geometry and surface finish

A control station

qmt offers QMTCheck control stations, the OEM version QMTSort-Tip has been developed for the control of plastic pipette tips. This controls the dimensions as well as the surface condition of the products leaving the injection machine with a rate of 10 products per second.

Integration of QMTSort-Tip

The QMTSort-Tip control system is integrated into the unloading robot of the injection machine to allow 100% control and a high level of responsiveness to possibly adapt the process in the event of drift. At the time of the control, the products are in racks typically containing 96 tips. The QMTSort-Tip system is based on the QMT Vision Inspector platform. The user-friendly user interface allows easy and understandable configuration of the system and product variants.

The physical infrastructure of QMTSort-Tip

The points being in racks, a motorized system comprising two servomotors performs the movements in order to allow scanning. In order to guarantee an optimal cycle time, QMTSort-PlastInject includes three optical assemblies which work in parallel and which are synchronized with the displacement of the two axes (see diagram below). Controlling a rack of 96 tips therefore represents the acquisition and processing of 96 images involving 672 results (7 checks per tip).

The system includes a standard LED transmitted light and 3 episcopic lights developed specifically for this application in order to guarantee a very high power and a small size.

The integrated computer system communicates with the entire machine through opto-isolated 24VDC digital lines and an OPC server for reference selection and traceability management.

QMTSort-Tip Software

The control and supervision software has been developed so that it can be used by operators without specific IT skills. It is multi language and the user interface is only graphical.

The QMTSort-Tip software controls 7 parameters for each tip, including diameters, concentricity, surface condition and the absence of burrs (More information).

Typical dimensions of a pipette point are an inside diameter of 0.5mm (tolerances +0.050 / 0) and an outside diameter of 0.9mm (tolerances +0.025 / -0.025).

The QMTSort-Tip software includes a very easy-to-use mode for creating control (reference) programs so that customers can create personalized programs. The control programs are memorized and can therefore be recalled during subsequent productions.

The QMTSort-Tip software allows the saving of the results as well as the images in order to allow a follow-up of the operation as well as an understanding of the detected faults.

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