Qualimatest: Winner of the 2015 Innovation Award of the Canton of Geneva
25 years of innovation and entrepreneurship rewarded

On 5 November, at the 13th Geneva Economic Event, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services (CCIG), the Department of Security and the Economy (DSE) and the Office for the Promotion of Industries and Technologies (OPI) awarded the 2015 Innovation Award to Qualimatest.

Major advances

Very varied fields of application

It is notably for having contributed to major advances in the field of automated quality control, its core business, that the company based in Plan-les-Ouates (Geneva) was awarded this distinction. In collaboration with the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), it has developed the QMTSubFace platform, the first system to maintain human criteria in aspect control, an asset particularly appreciated in watchmaking.

Since its founding in 1989, Qualimatest has developed, installed and maintained hundreds of vision systems around the world, for a renowned clientele in the watch, medical, automotive and rail industries.
The fact that a company such as Qualimatest is awarded such a reward is indicative of the importance that automated quality control systems have in the industrial ecosystem, as more and more people are talking about factory of the future and connected industry. In addition to significant gains in time and reliability in the identification of defects, they can reduce production costs and hardship.
Beyond these aspects, this award rewards a company rooted in its region, a long-term vision to invest in innovation, to maintain and create jobs locally but also to grow beyond its borders , since Qualimatest bought Saphir at the end of last year, an Isère company with complementary know-how due to its specialization in acoustic and vibratory fields.

During his speech, Ivan Meissner, Director of Qualimatest, did not fail to return to this acquisition and the new opportunities generated for his group. He also thanked the entire team, to whom this 2015 Innovation Award was dedicated.

A human adventure

Congratulations to the team and thank you for your investment

This award was initiated in 1989 by a group of 3 engineers during the foundation of Qualimatest in the industrial area of ​​Plan-les-Ouates. At that time, in Plan-les-Ouates there were more fields than watch factories.

The first developments have been made since the creation of the company, these integrating digital imaging. Today digital imaging is everywhere, but 25 years ago we were precursors.

A first quality control machine, Le Multimicro, was born from these developments. It allowed the automatic control of the hardness of very small watch parts. This innovation was awarded by Credit Suisse in 1995, the Qualimatest team then had 6 people.

To innovate, Qualimatest also collaborates with the Swiss universities in Switzerland. For example, in collaboration with EPFL, we have developed the QMTSubFace platform. The first system to maintain human criteria in aesthetic control. This is an asset particularly appreciated by watchmakers. We can thus offer the rigor of the machine while maintaining the sensitivity of the man.

Qualimatest has developed and put on the market a complete range of products. These are measuring devices and machines for automatic quality control. These machines can control up to 10 pieces per second. Our devices control the quality of a large number of manufactured products that each of us uses every day: for example railroad tracks, watches and even corn flakes!

Ivan Meissner, CEO
November 5, 2015

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