Raymond Dubosson
Revillod CEO Raymond Dubosson talks about her experience with QMT

Raymond Dubosson is a company specialized in turning from diameter 1 to 25mm, with 100% automatic sorting integration to meet the 0 default. Qualimatest has developed a Fit For You sorting machine based on a QMTInspect-200 for the control and sorting of gear parts.

Ms Revillod, on what parameters did you decide to work with Qualimatest?

We produce highly technical parts and our team is concerned about the quality of our work during each step of the manufacturing process.

For this project, our customer demands a great rigor of machining and appearance because these parts are components of a complex mechatronic system and a bad aspect could lead to an unpleasant operation for the end users.
Qualimatest was the only one to be able to answer our problematic of control of shocks by control of aspect.

After a first meeting with the sales team, Qualimatest offered us a demonstration with our parts in their vision lab, the tests were very conclusive which motivated us to work together.

What do you think are the strengths of Qualimatest?
  • Expertise, QUALIMATEST offers support upon delivery of the technical-commercial offer
  • Reliable and reassuring project follow-up, from the confirmation of order a project team was presented to us with only contact the project manager to centralize all requests. He informs us of the progress of our machine with possible visits on site.
  • The know-how, this machine controls the dimensions and appearance of our parts with a rate of 1100p / h and an IT min of 50 microns. The ease of machine operation, a simple and clear centralized operator interface is proposed for the management of the machine and the controls on the same screen, no need to enter the program to modify the inspections.
  • The Fit For You, QUALIMATEST offered us, on the basis of a machine QMTInspect-200, a custom-made layout and control system, perfectly adapted to our needs.
  • The accuracy and repeatability of dimensional controls managed by QMTMesure-Expert and QMTSubface respectively are excellent.
  • The documentation provided at the end of the project is clear and very useful.
How do you imagine this collaboration over time?

First QUALIMATEST will support us for this new machine with service (maintenance contract) and training (QUALIMATEST France is registered as a training provider).

For the rest, the other QUALIMATEST solutions are also adapted to our needs of controls, the fact of being able to work on other machines, station of controls or measuring devices with the same platform is interesting.

QUALIMATEST will be able to assist us in controlling our future markets.


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