QMTInspect-Pro Services

To ensure the optimal choice of 100% sorting for each client application
QMTInspect-Pro Services
Customer support throughout the project
Innovative solutions for large production volumes.

Qualimatest has 30 years of experience in automatic quality control and more than 10 years in the production of sorting machines.

Following the reorganization of its QMTInspect product range in 2018, Qualimatest has created the QMTInspect-Pro program to support its customers in sorting machine projects.

The aim of this program is to guarantee the success of sorting machine projects, especially in the case of special mechanical configurations, while using Qualimatest control stations, which are renowned for their performance.

The QMTInspect-Pro program

With this program, Qualimatest is the point of contact for customers who have a need.

The first phase will be a control needs analysis to define the control stations needed to meet the specifications. On this basis our experts define the appropriate mechanical concept to allow the handling of parts, the integration of control stations and the achievement of cycle time objectives.

The second phase is the selection of the supplier of the machine to the specifications, several options are then possible:

  • Qualimatest offers the machine QMTInspect-200 and will be prime contractor for the complete machine delivery project
  • Qualimatest offers a machine supplier that he has selected according to his skills. The project will then be transferred to this company which will be the project manager of the project
  • The customer chooses his machine supplier. The overall project management will be supported by either the customer or the machine manufacturer


The strengths of a collaboration with QMT
  • The guarantee of an optimal solution
  • Measurements, controls and Qualimatest software
  • Tips for defining the optimal machine concept
  • The Qualimat service has been recognized for 30 years
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