Optical deformation measurement

To characterize polymer creep for the automotive industry
Automobile industry
Creep automation: a more accurate 10x deformation measurement!
DuPont de Nemours Selects Qualimatest to Automate Creep Testing

Du Pont de Nemours is a leader in the development and production of high performance polymer materials. One of these, Delrin, is a high-strength polymer that is used in the production of components for the automotive industry. In order to guarantee the mechanical resistance to high temperature over time of the material, the European research center Du Pont carries out long-term creep tests (over a year) at high temperature.

Description of the system

The installation includes 10 standard test specimens (they are marked by two reflective strips 50mm apart) in a thermal enclosure. A constant load (mass) is applied axially to the specimen. Over time, the material will deform (creep) and thus the two marks will move away. The deformation sensor must be able to measure the increase of the length over time, through the glass of the thermal enclosure, with an accuracy less than 10 microns. The 10 test pieces present must be measured successively, which implies a motorized displacement of the sensor.

Given the duration of the tests, special care has been taken to automatically monitor the calibration of the measuring system. An eleventh ceramic reference specimen is placed in the enclosure, it is remeasured regularly using the sensor to verify that the calibration of the sensor has not been changed. The result of this verification is saved with all the measurement results so that, if necessary, the current tests can be corrected (continuation of the text ...)



Automation of creep test facilities with integration of high resolution non-contact deformation measurement.

The solution

Development of an optical deformation sensor based on a vision system and a PC based control system to automatically manage the control and measurement processes of the creep installation.

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DuPont de Nemours Selects Qualimatest to Automate Creep Testing