Automation of assembly of medical products

Several optical control stations for automation and quality
Medical industry
Three Qualimatest vision systems to produce injection pens
A QMT platform for quality control and automation.

An automatic production line assembles an electronic circuit for an insulin injection pen. This line includes three vision stations developed by Qualimatest.

Station # 1 - Assembling an LCD Display and Platen with a Flexible Flexprint Circuit

The robot grabs the Flexprint. A vision system determines its exact position. The robot brings the Flexprint simultaneously to the LCD and the turntable. Another vision system with 2 cameras allows the exact alignment of the points to be welded at both ends of the Flexprint. The welding is then carried out by the Heat-Seal process.

Station # 2 - Battery Assembly on Platinum

This involves taking a battery with a robot in a honeycomb tray, check its contacts and position exactly on the contacts of the printed circuit, before performing the welding.

Station No. 3 - Print Quality Control

It is a question of checking, at 100%, the quality and the conformity of the inscriptions on the pile.


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The aspect of cornflakes controlled at high speed by vision

Identification of each vehicle to ensure the recording of measurements for preventive maintenance

To characterize the regulating organ of mechanical watches

Three Qualimatest vision systems to produce injection pens

INEA develops packaging lines for various industries

DuPont de Nemours Selects Qualimatest to Automate Creep Testing