Broad technical expertise

To be able to develop innovative solutions requested by our customers
Successful software
and easy to use
Qualimatest produces powerful and intuitive software for use

The software development team is strong of trained and experienced staff. The use of design standards allows the development of applications or functions at optimal costs while ensuring an ergonomic and structured human-machine interface.

Mastery of "Hardware" products

QMT masters the full range of National Instruments hardware products from data acquisition to motion management and vision. From a software perspective, QMT specializes in the LabVIEW environment on Windows, Real-Time and FPGA platforms.


Four engineers from the Qualimatest team are CLD certified.

QMT platforms

Developments are made on the basis of Qualimatest's standard platforms and QMTMesure software as well as these options.

  • A basic software platform for reliable and efficient developments
  • QMTMeasure Software
  • The QMTSixSigma options
  • The QMTSubFace options
Dedicated electronics
for special cases
Qualimatest develops and produces its electronics

The interfaces between the control system, its software and the outside world are an essential part of a project. Our team develops and manufactures electrical and electronic components such as signal conditioning, motor power stages or any other electronics needed to achieve the project objectives.

One particular skill is the development of PXI chassis directly integrating connectors and packaging.

Our expertise in low to medium frequency analog electronics:
  • Signal processing provided by various sensors
  • Differential signals, voltage or current
  • Continuous magnetic field measurements
  • High impedance measurements
  • Temperature measurements
  • Generation of controlled stimuli
  • Measurements controlled over time
  • Optical protection and / or decoupling of the measurement electronics
  • Adjustable power supplies for power LEDs
  • Autonomous systems on batteries, with charge management
  • RFID badge devices
Our skills in digital electronics:
  • Remote measurement instruments, based on 8 or 32 bit microcontrollers
  • Quick logic on CPLD
  • Serial communications (RS-232, 422, 485, USB) with host PC
  • Communication via Ethernet interface
  • I2C Peripherals, SPI
  • Small text or graphic displays deportees
  • Time measurements of precision
  • Sequencer for scaled measurements with date stamp
  • Data logger
  • Digital control of all analog measurements above
  • Fixed or variable DC / DC power supplies (digital control)
Automation is
a central skill
Qualimatest provides automated solutions

In order to achieve the objectives of the projects, Qualimatest realizes the software part of the process automation including a standardized high performance communication in the platform QMT Vision inspector (QVICom).

Mechanical development:

Qualimatest also carries out complete projects including mechanisms or important automatisms. In these cases, Qualimatest uses its network of partners to always provide an advanced solution to its customers.

Example of realization:

A concrete example is the QMTInspect-R sorting machine in partnership with Prosys.

Mechanical concept
design to cost
Qualimatest realizes the mechanical design

We realize the mechanical design of our systems to better support our customers. We offer complete solutions. These are developed in design to cost at the right time. This skill is visible from the pre-project phase. In response to a customer expectation, we propose a suitable mechanical concept to present a draft of the solution envisaged by Qualimatest teams.

Services offered:
  • CAD design under CREO
  • Creation of manufacturing records
  • Making realistic renderings
  • Creation of preventive maintenance sheets
Fit For You (F4U)
Product customization

some products

F4U program
Customized solution

Solution according to notebook

M4U program
OEM Program

Customized product
industrialized by QMT

OEM Program
project management and technical know-how
ISO-certified project management to guarantee success

In order to guarantee the success of the projects, our team of Project Managers is in charge of defining the specifications of the solutions as well as the smooth running of the projects. Continuous monitoring during development ensures time and budget

The benefits and strengths of QMT:
  • Writing specifications in collaboration with the client
  • Knowledge of the specificities of the industrial sectors
  • FAT and SAT validations to check functionality
  • V or Agile process to adapt to projects
  • An ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified organization
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