Quality control of Corn-Flakes

The appearance of cornflakes is continuously controlled by an optical system
Food industry
The appearance of cornflakes controlled by vision
A high speed control system for the food industry

QMT carries out optical control and sorting systems. This system controls the gray level intensity of each flake, the control can sort products> 10mm², the smallest being generally eliminated by mechanical sieving. The control capacity is 450kg / h.


During the continuous production (roasting) of cornflakes, it is possible that flakes stay too long in the oven involving a darker color or even in some cases they can be completely black. In order to guarantee the quality of the flakes produced, it is therefore necessary to sort them according to their color (Grayscale).

The custom developed system is based on the QMT Vision Inspector software architecture that guarantees compatibility between the hardware components (cameras, optics, lighting, Frame grabber) and the inspection software. The easy-to-use user interface allows easy and comprehensible parameter setting of the system and product variants.

Important features and functions:

Images of the flake stream can be acquired over a width of up to one meter, to ensure that the flakes do not overlap when inspecting large volumes and that each flakes can be seen. A battery of 48 pneumatic valves makes it possible to reject non-compliant flakes. The control zone can thus be cut into 48 segments, which allows selective ejection.

Statistical functions allow easy and reliable parameterization of the system. Programs for different product variants can be saved. Basic color limits and tolerances can be defined for each variant.

The sorting facility is linked to the production facility. Status and error signals are exchanged between the systems. Access to critical parameters can be protected by password.

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The aspect of cornflakes controlled at high speed by vision

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